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The Headmistress

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The Headmistress

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I am  The Headmistress Ms S Payne - a strict, no nonsense Disciplinarian with a passion for Old School Punishments, CP & Domestic Discipline read My profile before making contact so your understanding of the experiences I offer are crystal clear.

I offer an authentic Headmistress experience and excellent Domestic Discipline roleplay 

All sessions are held in my Study or a Domestic Setting at My Private and Discreet Premises with good parking in the west of Cardiff. 


Ms Payne has zero tolerance for lack of respect, impudence, late homework, rudeness, poor concentration, low marks, bad grammar, messing about or talking in class, unpunctuality, bad spelling, bullying, running in the corridor, incorrect uniform, coarse language, unruly or lewd behaviour. 

Any boy or girl caught committing any of the aforementioned offences will find themselves outside Headmistress Ms Payne's  door awaiting suitable punishment

SHORT, SHARP SHOCKThis is a 15 minute short session which involves you presenting yourself to me for punishment, you will receive a verbal admonishment drop your pants and I will administer a 15 minutes punishment either 6 or 12 OF THE BEST CANE, with a variety of implements or just one that is preferred this can also be used for a hand strapping punishment.

DETENTION -You will present yourself at My office door as soon as school ends for 1 hour of detention  during which you will be given a verbal admonishment for your wrongdoing, receive the appropriate punishment 



DOMESTIC DISCIPLINEOTKHand SpankingSlipper/Flip Flop/Sandal SpankingWooden Spoon SpankingHairbrush SpankingBathbrush SpankingThe BeltPetticoat Discipline

I offer domestic discipline roleplay in a domestic setting any type of scenarios with any role of dominant female figure.Maybe you want to relive a discipline session you experienced in days gone by or fantasise about one you want to experience

If you have a particular scenario with a certain female figure  you wish to recreate/experience I will do my upmost to make it as real and accurate as possible.  

Be as detailed as possible in your communication with me to make your experience one to remember.My roleplay ability is of an exceptional standard.

Contact Me via Email. A deposit is required to secure your booking.*YOUR EMAIL SUBJECT HEADING SHOULD CONTAIN "DEAR HEADMISTRESS"*



Activities that I enjoy

Corporal Punishment (Heavy)
Corporal Punishment (Mild)
Face Slapping
Roleplay Fantasies
Whipping / Flogging


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