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Theda Brooks

A Professional Disciplianarian And A Real Lady

07828 764703
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Welcome to my secret world of exciting and nurturing feminine dominance. I am Theda Brookes a skillful domestic disciplinarian who will bring order in your life.My journey as a domestic disciplinarian so far has been long and fulfilling but I am nowhere near the finish line. In fact I feel as sprightly as ever even after my years of experience and that is mainly because I get immense satisfaction in helping people reform themselves.I am a domestic disciplinarian through and through the kind that only existed in the golden era of the 19th Century where you were stripped and whipped for any wrong demeanours. My methods are unique and effective. This is because I am what you can call old fashioned . I am dominant. I inflict extensive pain the type that will hurt you but most importantly help you bring your affairs in order. Isn t that exactly what you need and what you looking forTo me nothing matters more than changing your life for the better. My wide range of services that include spanking corporal punishment strapping flogging and even lecturing among various others all have a very specific purpose. That is to discipline you.Whatever and whenever you want to share your life s story with me I will be available. The more you tell me about your domestic disciplinarian and corporal punishment needs your background and your expectations the better I will be able assist you.While I am indeed authoritative you ll notice that I havea very gentle demeanor warm personality however don t fool yourself into thinking that I won t harm you. Because I most definitely will.My website is www.Thedabrooks.co.ukMissthedabrooks gmail.com07828 764703

Activities I enjoy

Boot, Shoe and Foot Worship
Corporal Punishment (Heavy)
Corporal Punishment (Mild)
Gags & Hoods
Whipping / Flogging