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Mistress Ava Molinky

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Mistress Ava Molinky

Yorkshire Contact

I am Mistress Ava Molinky. I work in and around the Hull area.

I am a professional and lifestyle Domme. My first event was 2010 and this year I became House Domme at a female only play space in Yorkshire.

I love all the ways that emotions intersect with arousal; the way kink can be used as a modal for healing, a way to inspire confidence after facing your fears and a way to live as your most authentic kinky self.

I enjoy exploration and escalation with submissives of all gender identities and expressions.

Whether you are new to BDSM or an experienced submissive, looking for a Mistress to serve, I enjoy the company of kinksters for their openness and ability to understand and ask for their unique needs to be met.

So confess your desires and we'll take it from there.

Here are some types of play I enjoy:

○ Impact Play (spanking, paddles, rulers, slippers, floggers, canes and crops)

○ Foot kinks - I adore foot play including: worship (look, smell, touch, taste, tease); barefoot trampling; feet only WAM (wet and messy play).

○ Humilliation/Degradation/Ignore fetish

○ Orgasm Control

○ Role play/ pet play

○ Financial Domination

○ Restraint

○ Sensory deprivation 

○ Slave Training

We can discuss your proclivities without shame on My LoyalFans page and arrange a fitting session online or in person.

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