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What people say about Goddess Calathea

Goddess Calathea, is a true Femdom latex Goddess.

In my last session I was trampled with both heels and wellington’s, then expertly suspended where I was zapped with a violet wand and cattle prod. Finishing off with with some heavy face slapping.

It’s genuinely amazing experience every time I session with Goddess, you’ll definitely want to return if you have the chance to have session


My first session with Goddess Calathea

After a thorough negotiation, Goddess had curated a faultless “forced bi” scene.

The Goddess’s wealth of experience and skill are unparalleled, creating a perfect feel of humiliation, forcefulness and fear through all her sessions, whilst always keeping safety a paramount priority.

I would recommend Goddess Calathea to both inexperienced and experienced people as her vast knowledge of everything BDSM will change your life.

I look forward to all our sessions and will continue to.


Doing a scene with Goddess Calathea was my first foray into the world of BDSM and I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction into kink. After a full negotiation and discussion about limits we started with some rope bondage. Goddess’ years of expertise were clear as everything down to the music and lighting were planned with perfect precision. I could feel the passion She put into the scene and the thought behind each aspect. Her rope skills were excellent and I felt incredibly safe despite being completely and utterly incapacitated. Each tie felt intentional and Her natural dominance flowed out of Her, putting me in subspace immediately. With each new position I fell deeper under Her spell. The magic Goddess Calathea creates in Her carefully orchestrated scenes is unprecedented whether you are doing rope bondage, humiliation or heavy impact. I cannot recommend Her enough, you will never be disappointed after a session with Goddess Calathea.



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