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What people say about Obeyladymk


My session with Lady MK was everything and more that i could have wished for

from first contact Lady MK was very obliging in finding out my kinks and desires, i was attracted to Lady MK as she specialises in many things but strap-on play is high up there and i wanted to see if Lady MK could work on and stretch my tight pig arse

Lady MK explained that the location was a hired property and would this put me off,. i was more than happy as Lady MK had explained how to get there what to do when i got there etc

the session started with Lady MK letting me into the property i was ordered immediately onto all fours and to look at the floor, Lady MK then led me into the main room of the property and ordered me to count out my tribute at her feet like the cash pig i am

i was then allowed to kiss and worship Lady MK's shoes and feet, i was then ordered to strip and wear a bright pink body stocking along with a pigs head mask, Lady MK then had a surprise for pig as she had a pig tail butt plug which she duly inserted into my pig arse. i was then made to crawl around grunting kike a pig whilst Lady MK laughed and humiliated me which was a massive turn on.

the butt plug was then removed and Lady MK explained that she was going to give pig a good fucking with her strap on, Lady MK was very lubing me up etc as she understood i was quite a novice and very tight, i was quite chuffed with myself as i managed to take Lady MK's cock pretty well and she is amazing at giving pigs cock. once Lady MK had finished pounding my pig arse i was then ordered to suck her cock clean forcing her cock down my throat making me gag several times which i wasn't expecting

the whole session was absolutely perfect and i hope pig pleased Lady MK and would certainly recommend visiting when she is in your area



My first encounter with the wonderful Lady MK took place this evening at her friend, Mistress Ella Eve’s part Spanx, where a range of kinks and fetishes was demonstrated to a small number of vanilla friends. I was privileged enough to have been the group’s footslut for the evening, and was instructed to lick their shoes, boots and sweaty feet, to their great amusement. Lady MK was assertive from the start and it is clear that she, quite rightly, demands high standards from her slaves. The humiliation I felt was intense as Mistress Ella and Lady MK kept me interacting with their friends as they all witnessed and participated in my degradation. Once my use as the group’s food it was over, Lady MK and Mistress Ella Eve decide to give everyone the opportunity to crop my cock. Lady MK had taken this a step further by having me stare into her eyes whilst she taught my cock a lesson.

Lady MK clearly loves her work, and her presence is very intimidating as a slave - she clearly likes to, and it effortlessly proficient at making you feel vulnerable and know your place. Despite this, in reality I felt entirely safe the entire time. I have had such a fantastic and intense evening, if only I could have stayed all night! Thank you Lady MK and Mistress Ella Eve for such a brilliant evening - I am so eager to return to a future event like this soon.


Mistress is amazing and has opened my eyes to what can be achieved in pushing limits.


Recently had my first season with Lady Mk and Lady Command. Wow, what an experience, top rate and very professional, true anal experts, gave me a fantastic fisting. Thank you both.


This was my first time seeing a mistress and what can I say Lady MK made me feel very comfortable and Made my first session amazing i definitely recommend


This was my first Time seeing a mistress and couldn’t off had a better person to start off with definitely recommend


Lady MK was striking immediately on seeing her and herpremises clean discreet with free on street parking adjacent.

She made me feel instantly at ease and canvassed me ast what i would like in our session. This Lady is a True Mistress and highly intuitive she will quickly gauge what you like and don't like and ensure that you are happy at every juncture of the session.

I am not prepared to share the detail of our session but i will say she exceeded my expectation and that experienced or beginner this Lady will cater for all of your desires!!.You will definately not be dissappointed!

Simply Awesome!


Just had my first session with Lady MK who is very beautiful and sensual and very strict and superior, Mistress Ella Eve was also there in a double domme session and they are the very best dommes and it has been an honour to serve them both.


Lady MK is an extremely beautiful dominatrix and I was mesmerised by her beauty before the session began. She's very professional at what she does and has very high standards with duty of care.

She seemed to enjoy the session as much as I did and I look forward to seeing her again and again.


Obeyladymk says:

Till next time ????????

Amazing Session, Lady MK is a Fantastic Dominatrix strong and sensual, the session was very enjoyable, I would definitely session again, and would highly recommend.


Very sexy and an absolute anal expert! If you want your hole stretching by a sexy domme then look no further!


So this was my first ever visit to ladymk, in fact it was my first visit of this kind, she was very professional and made me feel comfortable, she was very thorough at explaining everything to me, then the fun started, I loved the way she led me and also occasionally I was naughty so I got a few surprises in the way of punishment, overall I really enjoyed my time with ladymk and thank you for putting that extra in for me Jon x


Obeyladymk says:

Your most welcome I really enjoyed our session


Amazing session with a wonderful domme who controlled the session sensitively and respected whilst pushed my limits … can’t wait to book again and continue the journey


Mistress mk came to my private home , she made it very clear that she was there to film and abuse my asshole . Me dressed as a latex slut mistress red tight latex body suit wearing a massive strapon .. firstly loosened my fuck hole by giving it a good long well needed fisting with both hands .. she then told me she is gonna fuck me with the big cock and oh boy did she fuck me . For weeks now all I have thought about is when I can serve this goddess again .. for any slut she is a dream come true ..


LadyMK is a pleasure to serve. She is very attentive to your desires and limits, and cares about your wellbeing before, during and after your session. Once the session starts, she is in complete control and command, and will not let you forget it for one second. If you do, your punishment will be meted out very quickly. My experience with LadyMK is an experience that I will never forget.


So accommodating and caring but cruel when needed. So good at her craft will truly make you fall down the rabbit hole of submission.


I recently had the pleasure of spending an evening with lady MK, and despite being quite nervous at first, upon meeting I felt an immediate sense of trust and excitement.

She created a safe and comfortable environment. She took the time to understand my desires, boundaries, and fantasies, ensuring that our session would be fun. Her communication skills are brilliant, as she guided me through the entire process, making sure I was always aware of what was happening and giving me the opportunity to voice any concerns or preferences.

Lady MK strikes the perfect balance between dominance and care. It was evident that she is a professional and genuinely enjoys what she does.

I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an unforgettable and transformative BDSM experience.


I admit to having spent the last few days stalking the internet for information on Lady MK after I signed up to an event at Mistress Ella Eve's dungeon and had found out that Lady MK would be in attendance. Being in front of a new Domme is always a bit daunting, exciting, but also a bit of a risk, so I wanted to take a peak at what I might be getting into.

I needn't have worried, I could tell within seconds that I was in safe hands and that Lady MK knew exactly what I was and what I was therefore, in fact she took great pleasure in telling me this and what she was going to do to me in no uncertain terms. I was immediately in awe of this beautiful Lady, to the point where I just couldn't remember how to dress her properly. This wasn't helped by the fact that both she and Mistress Ella were involving the vanilla ladies in attendance to watch my ritual humiliation. Highlights included ashtray servitude, spitting, slapping and time spent in the toilet box, but I could tell that Lady MK was a physical sadist as well as an emotional one and the joy she took from hurting my nipples will be something that will stay with me.

I can't recommend Lady MK highly enough, whether you see her alone, with Mistress Ella (I'm definitely going to do this!!!) or as part of an event, you won't be disappointed, just be careful what you wish for as you will be doing it and she will enjoy every second of your pain and humiliation. You have been warned. xx


A lovely private entrance was made to feel at ease as soon as I walked in and was shown where to go lady mk looked amazing again made me feel relaxed was explained safe words and then we had an amazing hour which went so quick of sensory tie and tease I will be comming back thank you mk


I had the pleasure of serving Lady MK at Mistress Ella Eve's fantastic dungeon in Stoke on Trent!

I found myself obeying this wonderful Lady, at her beck and call. She looks just as good as her photos in real life. The session was a whirlwind, lots of humiliation, anal....lots and lots ;-) with me being fully at her whim.

I cannot wait to meet her again.


Obeyladymk says:

I will see you again, when I am back in Stoke-in-Trent :)

I have sent my slave-husband to serve Lady MK on several occasions and she has used him so well every time! Lady MK is a true anal expert and the way she stretched his ass is amazing - I loved watching the videos of her fisting my slave-husband and fucking him with monster dildos. I can strongly recommend her and I can't wait to send my slave-husband to serve her again!!!


Miss M.


Mistress lady mk is a true goddess.

What an amazing we had together.

Arranged a filming session - lots of fisting and strapon .

Lady MK did not disappoint— mk gave me the best fisting I’ve ever had & I’ve had a lot .. she then pulled out this monster strapon and proceeded to fuck me deep and hard with it .. lady mk is a must for any fellow pervert that enjoys and good fisting strapon sesson .. a must see / serve beauty.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you mistress I hope I can be of service to you again xx


Obeyladymk says:

Was a fabulous filming/session

I enjoyed it very much

We connected very well; chemistry is imperative. Something I take great pride in!

Until next time, you true bum slut ????


Having followed Lady MK on twitter for many years now it was a true pleasure to finally meet her and it was even better than I could have imagined!

Absolutely gorgeous in her latex and very strict as Cuntstible Hard cock giving me a thorough cavity search ????

Can't wait to meet again


Wow, what an amazing and lovely domme!!! Made me feel at ease as well as knowing my place, had a lot of fun filming with LadyMK and I cannot wait for the next time I have the opportunity too!!! Please make sure you go and see LadyMK super sexy domme and your fantasies will be fulfilled!!!


Obeyladymk says:

Thank you Cleo. Was an amazing time. We had so much fun filming and more. You were a delight to work with and very professional and knew your place!

Till next time ????

I was fortunate enough to spend an afternoon filming some short scenes with the stunning Lady MK at Mistress Ella's well equipped playspace.

I had not met Lady MK before, but she was open and friendly and put me at ease while still remaining very much in charge.

We filmed some humiliation, smoking and strap on scenes, which I loved thanks to Lady MK's clear direction and exceptional talent. I felt safe at all times as Lady MK took the time to discuss my likes and limits and to ensure I could meet her requirements for the scenes she wanted to film.

I feel lucky to have been introduced to Lady MK by Mistress Ella. Meeting her was a really enjoyable experience. I'd be amazed if anyone visiting Lady MK had anything other than a 5 star experience.


Obeyladymk says:

Thank you Slave pig

I was fortunate enough to serve Lady MK as part of a filming session at Mistress Ella's superb play space.

I had not met Lady MK before, but my nerves were soon put to bed as she was friendly and open while still remaining very much in charge.

We filmed some humiliation, smoking and strap on scenes, which I loved. I felt safe and under her control at all times and was very appreciative of her clear skill, talent and erudite wordplay.

I'd be amazed if anyone had anything less than a 5 star experience with Lady MK. I feel lucky to have been introduced to her.


I visited Lady MK for the first time after an initial email exchange and the usual communication which was clear and prompt.

I’m particularly fussy but after speaking with her I felt confident enough to part my hard earned for a session.

Lady MK is the consummate professional, She’s engaging and interested to hear precisely what floats my boat, gently teasing out the sometimes hard to discuss detail.

The session was good fun with lots of laughing and also its more serious moments. Never once did I feel she wasn’t enjoying administering her art.

She takes a session ensuring to the best of her ability that the client gets exactly what they want.

I’d highly recommend her to anyone whether a seasoned session goer or a newbie.

As Arnie once said, ‘I’ll be back’!


A fabulous first pegging session with LadyMK. She is very knowledgeable and highly skilled at this practice. My hungry hole was carefully warmed up before given the forceful pounding that I requested. I very much appreciate the care and consideration shown before and after the session. Would not hesitate to return. M.


This is reviewing a ‘pre session consultation’ that I had with Lady MK;

So I have to admit I was a little nervous before the phone call but as soon as lady MK started chatting she immediately put me at ease and made me feel completely relaxed. As well as this she gave me advice about preparation and was very knowledgeable!

I now very much look forward to the actual session.


Wow my second session of hopefully many with the wonderful Lady MK. She is bringing my fantasies to life. When she whispers in my ear that I am her little sissy slut it makes me feel so proud. Lady MK puts me in panties and teases and humiliates me about my little clitty dicky. Lady MK is now training me to take her BBC like the cock hungry slut I was born to be. Can’t wait till our next session. See you soon Wonderful Lady. A x


Obeyladymk says:


I really enjoyed speaking to lady k she is very extreme and really intense and had lots ideas and really likes to take full control


I've known Lady MK for a while now. I'm particularly fussy when it comes to playing with Pro

Dommes, just a quirk of mine. With Her though I knew from first contact She was different,

more down to earth and genuine than most I've met before. I felt completely comfortable

discussing the things I enjoy and Lady MK showed a genuine interest in my thoughts.

You have to click with someone, and for me Lady MK provided that initial click. That followed

through the session itself which without doubt proved to be one of the best I've had. I have

no issue recommending Her whether you're experienced or not. Her skill has been

developed through a very real passion to dominate her submissive.

All hail Lady MK!


Amazing Mistress with a wicked mind ! Very experienced keep suggesting what I need and it is excetly I wanted also she dish it out expertly .

I wasn't really screaming when she ball bust and she tell me she have to do it all over again, she doesn't want a worm like me to ruin her name and she is always right !!

Fun and amazing time if you beg beg enough like a little puppy she might even let you kiss her boots when you done and if you still up to it ???? ????

Fabulous mistress MK


Mk is an authentic and skilled domme .. someone I have loved being around and I woman I respect and admire … if you have the honour of being in her presence you are truly blessed



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