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What people say about LadyMK

This is reviewing a ‘pre session consultation’ that I had with Lady MK;

So I have to admit I was a little nervous before the phone call but as soon as lady MK started chatting she immediately put me at ease and made me feel completely relaxed. As well as this she gave me advice about preparation and was very knowledgeable!

I now very much look forward to the actual session.


Wow my second session of hopefully many with the wonderful Lady MK. She is bringing my fantasies to life. When she whispers in my ear that I am her little sissy slut it makes me feel so proud. Lady MK puts me in panties and teases and humiliates me about my little clitty dicky. Lady MK is now training me to take her BBC like the cock hungry slut I was born to be. Can’t wait till our next session. See you soon Wonderful Lady. A x


LadyMK says:


I really enjoyed speaking to lady k she is very extreme and really intense and had lots ideas and really likes to take full control


I've known Lady MK for a while now. I'm particularly fussy when it comes to playing with Pro

Dommes, just a quirk of mine. With Her though I knew from first contact She was different,

more down to earth and genuine than most I've met before. I felt completely comfortable

discussing the things I enjoy and Lady MK showed a genuine interest in my thoughts.

You have to click with someone, and for me Lady MK provided that initial click. That followed

through the session itself which without doubt proved to be one of the best I've had. I have

no issue recommending Her whether you're experienced or not. Her skill has been

developed through a very real passion to dominate her submissive.

All hail Lady MK!


Amazing Mistress with a wicked mind ! Very experienced keep suggesting what I need and it is excetly I wanted also she dish it out expertly .

I wasn't really screaming when she ball bust and she tell me she have to do it all over again, she doesn't want a worm like me to ruin her name and she is always right !!

Fun and amazing time if you beg beg enough like a little puppy she might even let you kiss her boots when you done and if you still up to it ???? ????

Fabulous mistress MK


Mk is an authentic and skilled domme .. someone I have loved being around and I woman I respect and admire … if you have the honour of being in her presence you are truly blessed



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