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What people say about Mistress Ella Eve

Great mistress, great experience, dominant, beautiful feet.


What an experience , as a first timer I was a little apprehensive but was immediately put at ease on walking through the door by Madame and Mistress MK

So glad I booked 2 hours as one would not have been enough for the full experience

It’s clear madame has an instinct to find your limits and go up to them … I think she went easy on me as first timer

Highly recommended


Mistress Ella Eve says:

Mistress !! Not Madame

I know it is cliche but if I could give more than 5 stars I would. Mistress Ella Eve was perfect and could not have done more. An absolute master at reading the scene and knowing how to push limits. If you are hesitant about booking… don’t be… I can’t wait to see her again.


Great First session with the incredible Mistress Ella Eve, everything I had hoped for and then some, excellent venue, I was looked after he whole time, sublime!

Thanks you Mistress Ella Eve; would love to return.


Great first session with an amazing mistress. Mistress Ella Eve had a pristine chambers which is well stocked with loads of kinky playthings. She is ridiculously sexy and has you begging for more punishment. I will certainly be back!


Did a Skype call with mistress. Bootworship, sniffing, joi, cei she was amazing session always done real-time but what a great replacement she is the. Real deal


I contacted Mistress Ella regarding remote key holding as I am a brand new cage owner.......and Wow!! I quickly became totally obsessed and under her spell,having to fulfill various tasks. But at the same time her help and support was excellent and I couldn't have asked for more,thank you.

I am really looking forward to continuing my journey with her,both remotely and hopefully in person x


It was a week ago now and I’m still trying to calm down.

I have had a few sessions in a few different countries now and I can say this was just about the most intimate session yet.

Mistress was sensual and yet still forceful, a little pressure applied, a threat of a little more, with an offer of a little pleasure with the price of a little pain

Who could refuse such a woman as Her

I will be back as soo as I can


Am amazing kidnap and forced bi experience ! Wow wow wow thank you Mistress it blew my mind and was worth every £1


Amazing text session!

I requested a text session before I wanted to a

Range an in person session.

I requested complete helpless bondage and I got that. Body bag leather straps and gagged before being milked whilst mistress latex covered body smothered me.

Amazing g can’t wait for session in person soon!


I ended up after a phone call having a cam session with Mistress Ella eve and her 2 mistress friends(Lady Mk and Goddess Aveena) as lucky for me they were all together. The session was truly amazing being dressed up as a sissy and being humiliated by Mistress Ella Eve and friends. I haven’t thought about anything else since and looking to book another cam session before hopefully a real time session if Mistress allows me to serve her


Just had a meeting with mistress Ella Eve,

I have know mistress for some years & she's

One of the best I've seen for many years .

She always delivers to a very high standard & nothing seems to much trouble.

Well worth the visit & Excellent value. x


I'm a first timer and was extremely nervous. Mistress Ella Eve put me at ease as soon as I entered, by taking complete control and totally running the session, exactly what I wanted. As soon as I was on my hand and knees, I knew I had made the right decision. That feeling of being totally submissive,bending to her will and just being completely owned by mistress ????. Must add, she is breathtakingly beautiful, I was completely captivated. Look forward to seeing her many more times and striking up a real sub/domme relationship. Recommend to every man on planet earth. Incredible xxx

P.S I also went to the wrong address on the previous day, she was extremely understanding and accommodating.


Amazing experience with Mistress Ella Eve, she had me captured under her from the moment i stepped in. Truly amazing experience, will def be back soon..


I took a bold move and met Mistress and Madam at her wonderful dungeon for a 2 hour appointment. Mistress and Madam work extremely naturally with each other, it was an amazing experience. Both are equally stunning in real life as their profiles indicates. I won't go into the session details but would say book some time with them, you won't forget it.


Superbly welcoming from the start both Mistress Ella Eve and Madam Mysterious put me at ease before delivering the most enjoyable of sessions. These two Mistresses are a dynamic couple that play off each other to great success.

Stretching not just my boundaries and expanding my mind ????

I will certainly be back for more of the same ????????????


My first experience with Mistress Ella Eve, wow what an amazing Mistress. Mistress listened when I said I'm a novice, she took control as soon as I walked in the door. I hope to Mistress again to push my boundaries.


What an amazing session I had with Mistress Ella Eve! It was everything I hoped it would be and much more.

She is clearly an expert at what she does as well as being extremely attractive.

The session flew by as I had one the most amazing experiences ever and it was in a very clean, safe environment.

I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet her!



Apart from being incredibly beautiful, & intelligent, Mistress Ella Eve exudes sensual dominance and completely blew me away! I was in awe with her sexy and dominant presence

Mistress Ella Eve’s vibe is unmatched and I can’t wait to work with her again and be under her perfect feet! X x


Another great session with mistress, always a pleasure, mistress gets in to your head so well and knows how to to push your buttons to really make your kinks go to another level! Incredible you need to contact mistress, clean fun protected and discreet extremely professional and respectful of boundaries


I have been one of Mistress’s slaves for a long time but this was my first time as a cuck and I loved it. Watching Mistress and her bull on her bed was amazing. Two super sexy and very experienced people together clearly enjoying each other blew my mind. Already booked for another session!


Mistress Ella Eve says:

My lovely perv Kevin how long u have been begging for this and now it’s a regular thing x

My magnificent Ella. She invited me to be the Bull for a wickedly gorgeous cuck session with her and another beautiful mistress in London. She is someone who radiates an unending and mercurial sexuality, an ocean of allure and joyful depravity housed within a physical form so overpoweringly gorgeous it takes the breath away. It was an honour to watch her work, and a privilege indeed to be invited to participate. Goodness me, it shall loom large within my saucy memoirs as one of the hottest experiences of my life. More! More! X


Mistress Ella Eve says:

You are one of the sexiest men in my life my darling … a rockstar always x

Last week Wednesday was absolutely and tremendously amazing I had a spectacular and productive day making a super hot and natural content with the fantastic and amazing Mistress Ella Eve for the very first time.

The vibe was very natural professional and spontaneous throughout the whole set, I really enjoyed myself working with her alongside with others as well everything about the whole atmosphere was very productive organised

I do hope we will be able to make more content towards the near future and closer in due course. Xx


Mistress Ella Eve says:

I enjoyed. Every moment of working with u … thanks again. Zx

What a night .. I can’t believe how amazing my cuck experience was .. miss Ella and her bull are breathtaking. I was teased and humiliated beyond my wildest dreams. The sexiest night of my life, thank you both


Mistress Ella Eve says:

We loved every moment … c u again very soon

Another exhilarating experience from when I walked in two gorgeous mistresses put me at ease straight away before been completely humiliated by both mistresses including cbt,forced feminization plus strapon play been spit roasted by both mistresses wich i wont forget, i won't go into to much detail just come and experience it for yourself newbie or experienced i can highly recommend you won't regret it. Slave j x


What a brilliant and addictive experience, would definitely recommend! First time experience I had no idea what to expect and was super nervous and unsure but as soon as I got there I was at ease in mistress presence immediately, mistress was caring loving and listened to what I had to say but made sure to assert her dominance when needed. Honestly recommend 100% amazing definitely looking forward to next time, mistress was beautiful everything was clean sanitised and made sure to be safe, offered and shower and freshen up when the session was over, last thing I will say honestly if you’re interested or feeling cautious get in touch fair prices and a experience with mistress you’ll definitely get addicted to, please contact her you won’t be disappointed


In over 25 years of seeing Mistresses this was without doubt one of the best sessions I've ever had. Mistress Ella Eve took me right down the proverbial rabbit hole. She had listened to my list of likes and then added so much more. Took me a few hours to come back down to earth afterwards. Won't forget this for a long while. Thank you Mistress x


Mistress Ella and madam mysterious was absolutely brilliant today. From start to finish it flowed so well,with madam pounding my ass with her strapon,and mistress smothering my face with her ass x My penis was busting through my chastity cage ,it was so intense,took me to my limits. Which was absolutely perfection. A great experience for me,my first double domme. Highly recommended, thank you mistress and madam x


Mistress Ella and madam mysterious were amazing throughout the session and the hour flew by before I knew it , can’t wait until next time


Very professional from the start. As a first timer I believe she went easy on me ( didn’t feel like it) at no point did I have any control or say in what happened during the session. That was perfect for me. I felt like a fly in a spiders web, utterly helpless and devoid of hope. I will definitely be begging for another session where I hope my limits can be found and pushed. Thank you so much


Mistress Ella Eve says:

Indeed u must not allow your work meeting to cut our session short next time

I really love to be under Mistress Ella Eves control, immediately as I entered the door. As before I lost myself in the moment with her The breath play was great, aromas/gas mask. As too was the bondage with milking and face sitting ;-)


One of the things I adore about mistress Ella eve is that she always keep me in such a horny aroused state. What a way to be living!!


When mistress had me kneel on a piece of equipment on all 4s I felt vulnerable I liked that feeling not knowing what she was going to do


Amazing mistress Ella and madam worked so well together. Mistress listened to what I was looking for with the session and delivered it in bundles. Both mistress and madam were dressed to perfection and made me feel at ease straight away which meant I enjoyed the session from the second it started to the end. I can’t recommend mistress Ella enough totally fantastic xx


Another amazing session , this one also with Madame mysterious , very powerful lady , made me feel as I am , very submissive ! Great session , mistress Elle eve was incredible as always , great mistress great session , can’t wait for the next one


Meet Mistress for first time in a few years. As they say everything gets better with age. Easy communications, nice clean discrete house. Walked in,ordered to strip, and led to the dungeon

Got everything I could of dreamed of plus a few surprises.

Mistress knew exactly how to push the right buttons. Just found myself letting her do what ever she wanted to me.

Won't leave it as long again

Absolute pleasure seeing this fantastic lady


Mistress was beautiful as always and evil as ever as always reminded I belong to her and tried new things pushing my boundaries also got to be a lucky boy and got to kiss mistresses amazing ass and also was lucky enough to have my face put between mistress breast

Thank you mistress

P.s it still stings why walking back work haha ????


Mistress Ella was recommended to me and now I am in the fortunate position to support and pass on that recommendation.

I presented Mistress Ella with a wish list in the hope that she would allow some of my favourite activities. Wow, not only did Mistress provide everything I desired to an extremely high standard, but she also built upon my fantasies and added activities, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Mistress has such an imagination, it really had to be seen and experienced to be believed.

Mistress was very generous with communications, giving me answers to all my questions (and I do tend to ask many). I knew that Mistress would be trustworthy in regards to my deposit and I was happy to provide one a couple of months in advance of my session. The tribute Mistress requires is incredibly low considering her beauty and expertise, an absolute bargain. Really, get booking before Mistress realises she can request much, much more!

Regarding Mistress’ appearance, she has such a pretty face, so cute. Stunningly beautiful eyes and kissable lips (not kissing those full lips was one of the hardest parts of the session for me). I must also make special reference to Mistress’ feet – sweetly petite and perfectly formed. Mistress very kindly allowed me access to numerous areas of her gorgeous body to worship, none of which were anything less that perfection. Really, absolute flawless beauty. And I must mention the laugh – what a lovely laugh, so adorable, yet so wicked. Mistress has an entrancing soft and feminine voice that she used to great effect, adjusting tone and volume to build and enhance each situation. Mistress had beautifully manicured nails, and the most intoxicating scent.

I asked Mistress for a strict and harsh session which she absolutely provided, wonderful. Mistress was, however, kind enough to forgive the errors I made during the session which were primarily due to my sensory overload. I was taught and learned so much in our time together.

At no point was Mistress clock watching or rushing. I felt immediately relaxed in Mistress’ company. Mistress quickly and effectively established my preferred level of punishment and pushed my limits up to, but not over, my threshold. I am confident that had I indicated I was not comfortable with anything Mistress was doing she would have immediately made adjustments.

I will close by saying that I cannot imagine a better session than I had with Mistress Ella, she effortlessly exceeded all my expectations. I highly recommend Mistress Ella and thank her profusely for all she did for me.


Absolutely amazing leg and feet worship session with Mistress Ella Eve. Under her spell from the moment I walked in and she knew exactly what she wanted to do with me. Those shapely strong curvy legs in her sexy heels completely owned me... and her feet are just made for worshipping. Will be constantly thinking about caressing those calves and thighs until next time.

Can't wait to see you again Mistress.


Working with Mistress Ella Eve has been a breath of fresh air, Her years of experience in BDSM are visible and clear She loves what She does. I seen first hand how Miss Ella Eve connects with her submissives and how professional She is. She is genuine and I look forward to working togther in the future xx


A fully captivating experience


Mistress Ella Eve's sessions are exhilarating, she is a very attractive lady whose sessions are entertaining and enjoyable.


Mistress Ella Eve says:

Thank u b x

This was my first session with Mistress Ella. I was taken by her professionalism, approach and thorough enjoyment we both had during our time together. Limits had been exchanged before, other than that, we had an unscripted hour together that felt perfect.

Please respect this lady, she will give everything to the time you have arranged.

I am itching to meet her again as I cannot stop thinking about that wild time spent in June.


Mistress Ella Eve is truly a well experienced professional and gives one a unique session .She is totally in command the whole time and keeps you guessing what comes next .A very enjoyable session and look forward to visiting again as soon as my circumstances allow. Aihnc


Mistress Ella Eve says:

I hope to see you soon x

Arrived very nervous but Mistress soon put me at ease with her soft and delicate approach to make me comfortable. Once she could tell I was ready for the experience she wasted no time in degrading me and using me as her sissy pet which is was an incredibly fulfilling and hot session. Thank you and would love to see you soon xo


Mistress worked me hard I loved being her sissy maid slut


A stunning creature, captivating sarcastic and skilled


Mistress Ella Eve says:

The first of many hours with me

Amazing from start to finish mistress Ella is the most attractive mistress you will ever see. Her outfits and play area are outstanding. Mistress Ella will give you the best experience. I was very nervous on arrival but mistress Ella soon took my mind and body into the world of domination. Can’t rate mistress Ella enough x


Mistress Ella Eve says:

My darling ginger you are always nervous never after all these years .. x

Amazing first meeting with Mistress Ella Eve.

Had an amazing time, Mistress put me at ease and was amazing.

Hopefully the first of many visits to this amazing Mistress.

Thank you Mistress Ella Eve.


Mistress Ella Eve says:

Great session today lots of fun and you were easy to connect with .. see you soon

My sessions with mistress Ella have always been intense and electric. Very grateful to have had the opportunity to serve at her feet


Mistress Ella Eve says:

Hope to see you soon Bobby x

What can I say a very intense session with breath play iimcluding intox, bootworship my Fav with mistress she took one off amd made me sniff poppers from inside the boot. Anal training edge play and ending in a ruined orgasm over her boots which I then lapped up like a cat who had cream



Mistress Ella Eve says:

You are always a pleasure to session with a natural sub and a great guy x

Mistress Ella Eve is an exceptional dominatrix. Beautiful, highly skilled, professional and discrete - she commands respect with a subtle dominance that is intensely erotic. A pleasure to worship and highly recommended!


Mistress Ella Eve says:

Thank you mark .. very kind words .. see you soon

All communication leading up to the day were excellent.Arranged the time and place of the meeting.Mistress Ella is a truely lovely lady and a pleasure to session with and I look forward to meeting her again in the near future and expanding my adventures into the dark side.A great time had by all

Dave Xx


Mistress Ella Eve says:

Thank you David … it was great meeting you

I had an amazing experience with mistress ella eve very easy to talk to ,professional,I filmed otk spanking,cbt,joi plus other kinks very relaxed atmosphere would definitely film with her again if she allowed me to.

Slave j.


Mistress Ella Eve says:

What a fun few hours we had .. amazing filming sub and great guy

A true domme gifted beguiling arousing and provocative .. after a few dull sessions locally I found the full colour HD real deal


Mistress Ella Eve says:

Oh thank you .. I am glad I am never boring

A wonderful few hours spent with Miss Ella Eve, Miss Laura (my Domimant) and Miss Ella’s sub, C.

The session played out with great humour, fun and filth. Boundaries were poked, prodded and pushed until I was comfortable enough to push through them under the wonderful tutelage of the Ladies.

A joy of a session, and a new friend made. It doesn’t get better.


Amazing session , catered for everything I’d asked for plus more , very relaxed , to be relaxed but so sexually aroused is very rare , mistress Elle eve managed to bring out my hidden desires and made them a reality , will definitely be going back


Mistress Ella Eve says:

We always have amazing sessions and you have always served me well

I had the most amazing experience visiting Mistress Ella with my wife. She dominated the pair of us together and then they both teamed up to humiliate me. A horny experience which I definitely want to repeat again soon! She introduced us both to the strap on which was very enjoyable. A very sexy lady, highly recommended x


Mistress Ella Eve says:

A very attractive couple I had so much fun

A truly amazing experience, I have sessioned with a number of mistresses in the past, Mistress Ella Eve was so tuned in to my needs. I felt safe, secure, and able to communicate in a way that was so very easy! I will definitely be returning!


Mistress Ella Eve says:

Thank you for your review after knowing you for a few years now you are always welcome to share some time with me

A fantastic time serving Mistress.

A fantasy brought to life when I was taken outside. A true cFnm experience, wonderful to feel the breeze on parts that are usually kept private.

Mistress then put me to work in her dungeon, where I hope she was pleased with my efforts.

My search for the perfect Mistress is concluded, as I have discovered perfection.


Mistress Ella Eve says:

Well what a review .. i am blushing !

The most natural and talented mistress I have ever met!

The 5stars above is not enough but that's the highest I can choose.

The sessions never scripted just goes smoothly.

Mistress Ella eve must just pick up the feels when engaging with her subs, she just read your mind!

Is only one word to describe the sessions with Mistress Ella eve 'phenomenal '

I'm so lucky to be in her hands in her own fully equipped dungeon.



Mistress Ella Eve says:

My darling chuie ten years together and we are still a perfect team .. I can’t thank you enough for your genuine and faultless service and friendship xx

Overnight caging, caning and anal.

Exceptional. Becoming quite regular.


Mistress Ella Eve says:

It’s always fun to cage you ha ha ..see you soon

‘Such a special, unique, alluring and downright addictive Domme. Mistress Ella will change your life for the better. She will tenderly ensnare you and mould you into the kind of submissive she wants, that will enhance Her life, whilst at the same time blow your mind on the journey.

She is warm, beguiling, persuasive, and takes you deeper and further into submission until you wake up one morning and realise that Mistress Ella is the most important person in your world.’


Mistress Ella Eve says:

My penny I knew your words would be thoughtful. One of the first ever subs I met right at the beginning of my journey .. and you are still here addicted and instructed I wish I could see you in flesh more often but we are always in touch x

Mistress is a really beautiful and as soon as her eyes lock on to you it sends tingles in to your hole body and you know that your now in her command. Very skilled in all that she offers and dose not cut time short you will definitely be safe in her hands and everything is always clean in her safe place and very well equipped. You will definitely have a time to remember if are lucky enough to serve mistress


Mistress Ella Eve says:

Thank you for this lovely review .. I have invested a lot into my private fetish room hearing positive feedback makes it worth every penny

Had a humiliation session with mistress. She had my mind captured throughout the session. Wicked laugh and really made an effort in terms of the teasing and humiliation session. She was dressed impeccably and demonstrated her cruel and sadistic side as well as the soft and gentle side. Will definitely session again with mistress


Mistress Ella Eve says:

Thank you for your feedback .. I’m so glad you enjoyed your time with me

Mistress Ella Eve is the best Mistress a slave could hope for. In full control at all times. My only purpose in life is to please and obey my Mistress and I know that I would be severely punished for the slightest breach of her strict rules.


Mistress Ella Eve says:

Ha ha ha kevvie you always make me smile you are so easy to scare .. and you always bring wine .. see you soon

Well, What can I say. Pure bliss!

Yes, Mistress Ella can give you a heaven of pleasure and joyful pain at the same time. I'd visited her for a double domme session and I really enjoyed the company. Mistress Ella is a pro domme and a sensual seductress and will get into your head like a snap of a finger. I wanted to try new kinks and Mistress Ella eased me to push my limits and get us into the comfort zone. I would happily recommend anyone to visit Mistress Ella, she's really gorgeous and beautiful and do wonders to your mind and body.


Mistress Ella Eve says:

You are such a respectful and genuine submissive .. thank you for your time and your gifts

Yes I have seen mistress ella eve for a good number of years, She one of the best you will

ever meet , once seen never forgotten & her sessions are out of this world & you wont want to leave & will always return.

She always makes you feel at home & any activities are always are always safe.

Everything about mistress Ella Eve is a class act, she always has your safety & welfare in hand .

She is a pleasure to meet.


Mistress Ella Eve says:

You are very special to me after many years together I am glad I have been able to support you in kink and in your health challenges

I have been sessioning with the gorgeous Mistress Ella Eve for many years now.

Over that time Mistress Ella Eve has gone from putting me initially at ease to learning what makes me tick when it comes to Kink.

Mistress Ella Eve’s chambers are both discreet, well equipment, have a luxurious feel and is incredibly clean.

Our sessions predominantly revolve around chastity, tease and denial where Mistress Ella Eve is in her element knowing exactly what a would be cuckold wants and exactly what he can’t have.

I cannot recommend sessioning with Mistress Ella Eve highly enough.


Mistress Ella Eve says:

We have had some amazing times together.. thank you for your kind words


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